SQUID Magnetometry

Access & Information for Outside Users

Quantum Design MPMS3 Squid Magnetometer Capabilities

usage rates

Trained User Access:  $50/hr, UC Users  ||  $100/hr Outside Users

Data Collection by Rinehart Group:  $75/hr, UC Users  ||  $136.25/hr Outside Users

Training:  $50/hr, UC Users  ||  $72.50/hr, Outside Users

Instrument usage rates are calculated to offset cost of instrument maintenance, gas replacement, normal wear and tear, and minor catastrophes. The instrument management, maintenance, training and repairs are coordinated by researchers in the Rinehart group. We strive to make the facility available as much as possible and ask that others respect the instrumentation and report errors or issues immediately so we can keep the magnetic data flowing!

Sample testing, analysis, consultation, & instrument access

Obtaining Qualified Instrument User Status

Sample preparation overview

Two commonly used sample holders for molecular magnets and colloidally-synthesized magnetic nanoparticles. At left is a holder for air-stable samples. At right is a sealed quartz tube used for air-sensitive samples and samples containing liquids. Non-powdered metals or films can be adhered to brass or quartz sample rods.